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The Get Started program application is intended to help us get to know you and your company. We focus on early-stage companies with technology at the center of their business model. Because the Get Started program has limited capacity, we prioritize space for companies with specific characteristics. Participating companies are typically focused on delivering innovative software products and supporting services that improve on outdated business paradigms, unlock new market potential or offer differentiated solutions beyond what is currently available in the market. We look for companies that fit our model and where our experiences can add the most value for founders.

Information provided in this application is confidential. It will not be shared outside of the Get Started team without your express written consent.

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Company Stage Definitions

Idea Stage:  Entrepreneurs at this stage are testing their ideas, defining customer needs, documenting their product strategy and building their financial model. Basic support includes learning modules, templates, samples and guidance to help establish company foundations and validate the business model.

Innovation Stage:   This stage is all about building, validating and preparing to launch. Founding team members quickly educate themselves on new topics, onboard early team members, build foundational innovation capabilities and deliver v1.0 of the product (beta / MVP). Companies formalize their business model and define the path to market.

Go-to-Market Stage:  At this stage, entrepreneurs are more focused on executing their strategy and monitoring daily progress than ever before. The focus is holistically on building an engine to grow customers, users, and revenue. Companies typically strain to build marketing, sales and customer services capabilities to meet plan. Prioritization becomes increasingly difficult and demand for expertise in building or expanding functional teams reaches a new high.