Get Started Code of Conduct

The Get Started Workspace is a creative, energetic and collaborative environment for startups. It’s also a professional setting where teams strive for excellence in all facets of their business.

The following Code of Conduct outlines standards and expectations for Get Started companies. By adhering to this code, we create a positive, productive and mutually respectful environment—a place where everyone is excited to come to work.

Basic Principles

Earn Trust. Conduct yourself with the highest degree of integrity and honesty, speaking with truth and candor at all times.

Be Considerate. Show respect to everyone, including team members, fellow entrepreneurs, visitors, and Archer Foundation employees, trustees and officers.

Listen. Identify people around you whose knowledge can benefit you and your company. No single person has all the answers, but subject-matter experts are plentiful. Approach them with an open mind and a willingness to learn. 

Celebrate Success. Recognize individual and collective achievements for your own company, as well as your fellow entrepreneurs. Lift people up and acknowledge their contributions.

Pay It Forward. Be willing to share your knowledge, experiences, successes and speed bumps with future entrepreneurs and their teams.

Get Involved. Give back to our local community and help those in need through your volunteer efforts. This is a great way to strengthen your company culture while also benefitting the lives of other people.

Workspace Rules

Leave No Trace. Take personal responsibility for the neatness and cleanliness of your own workspace and any common areas (kitchen, restrooms, lounge areas, etc.).

Dress to Impress. Wear business-casual clothing Monday–Thursday so you’re always ready to meet with clients, partners, investors and industry mentors. Make sure your personal appearance reflects your professionalism and drive to succeed.

Be a Good Neighbor. Follow the rules and regulations issued by Park Place regarding building access, parking and security.

Guard Privacy. Keep private and confidential information, such as client and employee records, company financials, etc., in a secure location at all times.

Core Habits

Stay Focused. Define clear and measurable goals, milestones and deliverables for each workday, week and quarter. Make sure every team member is aware of and aligned to your goals.

Communicate Daily. Meet with your team every morning to talk through objectives, deadlines and dependencies. As your company grows, conduct these meetings at the departmental level to keep them brief and tightly focused.

Measure and Report. Track performance at the company, department and individual levels, and communicate results using the whiteboards and/or TV displays in your work area.