Get Started FAQs

We meet with entrepreneurs every day who ask great questions about the Get Started program. Here are the most common questions with answers.

What makes the Get Started program unique?

Get Started is an immersion program for entrepreneurs seeking to launch technology-centric companies in Kansas City. We help entrepreneurs build the knowledge and capabilities they need to start their business on solid footing and run it with clarity, efficiency and focus. Our offering is not a lecture series or traditional mentorship program, nor is it simply co-work space. We provide focused education, templates and samples, coupled with support from our team and network, to help entrepreneurs create value in their company from day one. We exist to help entrepreneurs execute on their vision and build sustaining businesses in Kansas City.    

How much does it cost to locate my business in the Get Started workspace?

Seating at the Kitchen Table and in the Labs ranges from $150-$400 per month, depending on location and amenities. Entrepreneurs may work out of our Coffee Shop at no cost. Additional program fees may apply.

All fees go toward funding the Get Started program for future entrepreneurs. The Archer Foundation is a non-profit (501c3) organization, built on a “pay it forward” principle. Fees allow us to maintain our operations and create a self-sustaining resource for early stage technology companies in Kansas City.

What’s required of me as a Get Started member company?

All Get Started companies (including founders and their team members) are required to adhere to our Code of Conduct. We want to work with people who are serious about creating value for their customers, their employees, their community and themselves. Therefore, we require Get Started members to behave like real companies from the very earliest stages. That means maintaining regular business hours, setting goals and objectives, following a daily action plan, and focusing relentlessly on delivery and execution. 

Can I participate in your program without moving into the Get Started workspace?

Our program is most effective for entrepreneurs who reside within our workspace. Therefore, we prioritize companies in-residence. However, we also engage with and support entrepreneurs who office elsewhere in the Kansas City community as time permits. 

I don’t live in Kansas City. Can I participate in your program?

Get Started is for entrepreneurs who are building companies in the Greater Kansas City area (Kansas or Missouri). 

What types of companies are admitted to the Get Started program?

We work with entrepreneurs who have technology-centric concepts backed by a sustainable business model. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs build lasting companies that create jobs, opportunities and wealth in the Kansas City community.  

We do not work with startups that simply want to build a product, sell it fast and move on to their next idea. Our program is designed for those who want to build real companies that solve real problems for their customers. We enjoy supporting bright, talented and open-minded entrepreneurs driven to innovate and build great teams.

What is the culture like at the Get Started Workspace? 

Culture is created by people, and we seek to work with people who are creative, passionate, hard working, genuine, friendly and fun. We have no ping-pong tables or game rooms. We don’t stock beer in the fridge. We don’t wear flip-flops and shorts in January. But we do have a lot of fun working together to bring innovative ideas to market. 

Do you invest in companies? 

Yes and no.

Yes, we invest in companies by offering program services and workspace for a price point below cost and well below market value. Therefore, participation in Get Started represents an investment in founding teams, but we do not take an equity position by default. Companies may opt to pay for program fees with equity, subject to approval and agreement, but we prefer payment in cash because we believe founders should try to retain as much ownership stake in their companies as possible.

No, we do not make direct cash investments in companies. We make every effort to communicate the Get Started program principles to the local investment community. Get Started member companies who fulfill our program objectives should be well equipped to engage with investors as needed.

I'm a business person. Do you offer development resources? 

Our team has product development and software delivery lifecycle expertise, but we do not have development resources on staff. We have strong relationships with local development shops and recruiting companies in our Get Started network who can help assemble the right team of technologists on a case-by-case basis. Our partners typically offer special price considerations for Get Started members.

What is the Archer Foundation?

Get Started is a program of the Archer Foundation, a non-profit organization that connects people with opportunities to improve their lives. We are committed to paying it forward in Kansas City by promoting business growth and active community service. Through our work with entrepreneurs, volunteers and local leaders, we aim to empower people to reach new levels of achievement for themselves and their families.

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