Get Started Program Stages


We support entrepreneurs across the early stages of their company lifecycle, helping them build and execute their plan while developing the knowledge and capabilities they need to sustain growth.  No two companies are alike, and yet the fundamentals of building a business on solid footing are in many ways consistent.  At Get Started, we employ a methodology that's tested and proven by some of Kansas City's most successful entrepreneurs. Our goal is to help a new generation of technology startups move forward with confidence and create value for themselves, their employees and our community.

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Entrepreneurs at this stage are defining customer needs, testing their ideas, documenting their product strategy and building their financial model. We offer individualized learning modules, templates, samples and guidance to help them establish their company on a firm foundation.

Typical Duration: 30-60 days
 Seats per Company: 1-4
 Modules: 8
 1-on-1 Consultation: 10 hours

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This stage is all about building, validating and preparing to launch. We equip entrepreneurs with education, resources and hands-on support as they develop their product, engage with early customers, build operational capabilities and define their path to market.

Typical Duration: 6 months
 Seats per Company: 4-8
 Modules: 8
 1-on-1 Consultation: 30 hours

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At this stage, entrepreneurs are more focused on executing their strategy and monitoring daily progress than ever before. We provide on-demand services to supplement teams as they launch, make adjustments and gain traction in the marketplace.

Typical Duration: 3-6 months
 Seats per Company: 8+
 Services: Available by request